Chia Seeds Raw | Premium & All-Natural | Contains Omega 3, Fiber & Protein | Great with Shakes, Smoothies & Oatmeal

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Benefits of chia seeds:

  • Rich source of omega-3 fatty acids
  • High in fiber and antioxidants
  • May promote healthy digestion
  • Potential to aid in weight management
  • Provides essential nutrients like calcium and magnesium
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  • Chia Seeds Price In Pakistan

    Chia Seeds Raw | Premium & All-Natural | Contains Omega 3, Fiber & Protein | Great with Shakes, Smoothies & Oatmeal


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      Chia Seeds Price In Pakistan

      Chia Seeds Raw | Premium & All-Natural | Contains Omega 3, Fiber & Protein | Great with Shakes, Smoothies & Oatmeal


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      Chia seeds, a superfood that has gained significant popularity over the last few years, are tiny black or white seeds that pack a powerful nutritional punch. Originally from Mexico and Central America, they have now found their way into the kitchens of health enthusiasts worldwide, including Pakistan.

      Nutritional Profile of Chia Seeds

      According to Healthline, an ounce (28 grams) of chia seeds contains 138 calories, 46% carbohydrates (of which 83% is fiber), 34% fat, and 19% protein. They also provide essential nutrients like polyunsaturated fats (omega-3 fatty acids), calcium, phosphorus, and zinc. This nutrient-rich profile makes chia seeds an excellent choice for those seeking a healthy diet.

      Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

      Chia seeds are not only nutrient-dense; they also offer numerous health benefits.

      1. Highly Nutritious: Chia seeds provide a wealth of essential nutrients, including fiber, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids.
      2. Loaded with Antioxidants: Chia seeds are rich in antioxidants that help protect the body against aging and diseases like cancer.
      3. Supports Weight Loss: The high fiber content may aid weight loss by promoting feelings of fullness.
      4. Lowers Risk of Heart Disease: Chia seeds contain omega-3 fatty acids and fiber, which may reduce your risk of heart disease.
      5. Promotes Bone Health: Chia seeds contain several nutrients vital for bone health, including magnesium and phosphorus.

      Average Price of Chia Seeds in Pakistan

      The price of chia seeds in Pakistan varies depending on brand, quality, and import duties. On average, expect to pay around Rs. 1,000 per kilogram. However, prices range from Rs. 3,500 to Rs. 5,000 per kilogram.

      At Opure, we offer high-quality chia seeds at competitive prices. Our commitment to quality, convenience, and exceptional customer service makes us a top choice for health-conscious consumers in Pakistan.

      Why Buy Chia Seeds from Opure

      At Opure, we pride ourselves on offering the best quality chia seeds. We source our chia seeds directly from trusted suppliers, ensuring you receive only the finest product.

      Our convenient online platform lets you shop from the comfort of your home, with easy payment options and swift delivery. Our customer service is second to none, and we are always ready to assist you with any queries or concerns.

      Incorporating Chia Seeds into Your Diet

      Chia seeds are incredibly versatile and can be easily incorporated into your diet. Here are a few ideas:

      • Chia Pudding: Soak chia seeds in milk (or a dairy-free alternative) overnight to create a delicious and nutritious pudding.
      • Smoothies: Add a spoonful of chia seeds to your morning smoothie for an extra nutritional boost.
      • Baking: Mix one tablespoon of chia seeds with 2.5 tablespoons of water as an egg substitute in baking.

      In conclusion, chia seeds are a nutritional powerhouse with numerous health benefits. Despite their relatively high price in Pakistan, their versatility and nutrient density make them a worthy investment in your health. Opure is your go-to source for quality, convenience, and excellent customer service when buying chia seeds.

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      7 reviews for Chia Seeds Raw | Premium & All-Natural | Contains Omega 3, Fiber & Protein | Great with Shakes, Smoothies & Oatmeal

      1. Asif Qaim Khani

        The packaging was really good and the benefits of Chia Seeds are also mentioned overall product is good.

      2. Danyal Memon

        Great energy! The taste also good worth it.

      3. Sehzad Afridi

        I purchased this for my mom who had no complaints following use/tasting. Was pleased and would buy it again.

      4. Sidra Y.

        Love it so good for you! I bought two one for me and one for my parents, smoothies soups most baking this stuff can pretty much go into any concoction! Excellent product thank you guys keep up the great work!!!!

      5. Aqib Rabbani

        Am very glad because I got too quick my parcel and it’s 100% original product and am satisfied with Thank You so much.

      6. Shazia Abbas

        I just received 500 Grams of Chia Seeds parcel from Opure. This is really amazing 👏 I would highly recommend it to others for good health!

      7. Hunain

        Its my 2nd purchase from this seller and i must say that their product is very good and original. Highly recommended. its 100% pure Thank you so much.

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